Signs It’s Time to Get Your Skin Mole Checked Out


Skin moles are benign growths on the surface of your skin caused by melanocytes (cells that produce pigment). They can be black, brown, or tan and resemble a mole found on an animal’s fur. The most common place for them to grow is near hair follicles or sweat glands. It is a known fact that skin moles are harmless. Sometimes, they can result from sun exposure or age spots. However, there are times when you should be observant andĀ get moles checkedĀ out by a medical professional. Below are signs that suggest it is time to get your skin mole checked out.

A Change in Color

Change in shade or size of a mole may be the first sign that it’s time to get your skin checked. If you notice any changes, make sure you visit your doctor as soon as possible so they can check out what might be going on under the surface. For example, if something appears different from one or more spots, don’t ignore it. Moles can change in color for various reasons, from sun exposure to skin damage caused by friction or other factors. Sometimes, the changes may be nothing more than skin irritations that …