Essential Warm-Up Exercises for Peak Performance on the Course


Are you ready to level up your golf game and finally achieve your peak performance on the course? The key to success in golf isn’t just about having the right clubs or technique but also preparing your body for the physical demands of the game. Improve your handicap by getting your basics right. How? Warm-up exercises are the answer. They’re essential for improving your flexibility, strength, and balance, which are all crucial for optimal performance on the course.

In fact, golf legends such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson credit their warm-up routines for their success on the course. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, keep on reading as we’ll explore the top¬†essential warm-up exercises in your pre-game routine that can help you reach your finest potential.

Dynamic Stretching

Quite different from static stretching, which basically involves holding a stretch in place for an extended period, dynamic stretching is about players who do their best to move parts of their bodies through a full range of motion. It helps improve flexibility and mobility while also increasing blood flow to the muscles. Some effective dynamic stretches for golfers include leg swings, arm circles, trunk rotations, and …