How to buy the best crossfit shoes


Cross fit is a workout program that has been of great help to people looking forward to attaining their fitness goals. However, to make the best out your cross fit workout sessions, you will need to have the right footwear for the exercise. Getting yourself the needed footwear for cross fit exercises will enable you to avoid injuries that may come up with using the wrong attire for the exercise.

In the stores, one will come across different cross fit footwear brands but not all them are well designed to meet your cross fitness needs. Any one can look at the range of cross fit training shoes that are available. Likewise, below is a guide to buying cross fit training shoes with the factors you will need to consider to come up with the most ideal pair for your cross fit sessions.

The Droppink shoes

The drop of a shoe is the difference between the heel’s height and the forefoot’s height. The kind of drop featured on your cross fit shoe will determine how well your weight will be distributed across your foot. The ideal cross fit shoes normally have a 4mm drop, which matches the normal foot’s position. However, if you have been used to putting on super padded shoes, you can start with a 6mm drop as you exercise on putting the 4mm drop shoe.


Quality is key when it comes to the cross fit shoe you will purchase because it will highly determine for how long you will be able to use the shoe. Normally the highly priced cross fit shoes tend to have a stronger construction than that of the low-priced ones. If you need a high-quality cross fit footwear that will withstand heavy cross fit sessions, you need to consider the highly priced brands.

The Sole

It is definite that everybody needs optimal stability during their cross fit sessions. For that reason, it is important to get a cross fit footwear featured with a sole that will keep your feet firm on the ground when engaging in heavy lifts. Note while choosing the sole type you will also need to put into consideration your individual preferences for maximum comfort.


white shoesThe kind of weather in your cross fit environment will also largely determine the kind of cross fit footwear to go for. These shoes come in designs for both snowy and hot weather conditions. If for instance, your cross fit environment is hot you will need a pair of cross fit lightweight footwear made of breathable materials. On the other hand, if you are having your cross fit activities in a rainy environment you will need cross fit shoes featuring a heightened sole grip and waterproof capability.

A good pair of cross fit shoes will help you enjoy every bit of your cross fit exercise sessions. The above-given guide will help in making the ideal cross fit footwear purchase for maximum comfort and performance during your cross fit sessions. While making a purchase on this shoe, have in mind that your safety is a priority. Ensure that you grab a pair that will offer you serious protection as you engage in cross fit activities to meet your fitness goals.…

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