What You Need to Know about Nu Skin

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Nu Skin is one of the most successful American companies that deal with anti-aging and skincare products. This firm has been operating using MLM models. Many distributors earn a lot of money through recruiting new members and its products.

Short Review

The Nu Skin Company was founded in 1984. Since then, it has expanded, and it is now operating throughout Europe, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Pacific. It is one of the best selling companies which have been selling quality anti-ageing products, nutritional supplest and personal care products.reviews Anti-ageing is one of the huge industries that have experienced rapid growth over the last few decades. This is attributed to a large number of people who are using these products. Many people have using them to feel and look younger.

Most of the Nu Skin’s products are of high quality even though they are shockingly expensive. They are made of wholesome and quality ingredients. Some of their night creams cost about 50 USD. Many distributors who have established themselves over the years have been earning lot money by selling Nu Skin products. Other people are focused on selling its different products through affiliate marketing.


This company has an advisory board that consists of innovators in various fields that include ethnobotany, dermatology, cosmetic and nutritional sciences. These are the professionals who develop the different products using advanced ingredients and technologies. They are committed to improving the health of people through their innovative products which support the longevity of hair and skin.

Other Products

This company is known for offering personal care products, targeted treatment products, and skin care systems that are helpful in addressing specific skin needs. It also produces unique products such as agelLOC Me and agelLOc Spa systems. There are customized skincare systems which feature botanical,skin care products organic ingredients. They also operate manufacturing facilities in China where they are specialized in producing personal skin care products. These products are mainly sold in China, but some are exported to other countries. In addition to this, they also offer other technology and household products.

Why Many People Like Nu Skin and Its Products

Even there are some misleading claims about this firm. Their products are of high quality as they have been getting pretty good reviews from different customers. With their products, you don’t have to get worried about the fake reviews which are written by some distributors. In fact, the popularity of its products has been rising over time. In fact, it was rated as one of the best performing and trustworthy companies by Forbes in 2010.…

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