Reasons for Knee Replacement Surgery

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The knee is an essential part of the body that most folks go without recognizing – it puts the body weight in check. Therefore, the decision to have a full knee replacement is undoubtedly a big one. However, if the knee pain affects the quality of your life, the time might be right to think about knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement is merely a type of arthroplasty, which is “the surgical repair of a joint” and involves surgical reconstruction as well as replacement of the degenerated joints. So, why would you need knee replacement surgery?



This is a type of arthritis that’s related to age and is caused by normal wear as well as tear of a knee joint. The most affected patients are those aged over 50 years, but that doesn’t mean that the younger guys can’t have it too.

The condition is caused by breakdown, inflammation, gradual as well as the eventual loss of cartilage in joints. As time goes by, the cartilage will wear down, and then the bones start to rub against each other, and as a form of compensation, they will grow thicker, resulting in more friction and pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sometimes the membrane surrounding the knee joint can become thick as well as inflamed (inflammatory arthritis). Chronic inflammation leads to damaging the cartilage that causes stiffness and soreness.

Post-Traumatic Arthritis

This is another type of arthritis that’s as a result of a severe knee injury. The knee cartilage is usually affected when bones around the knee get broken or when the ligaments tear.

Knee surgery is essential for those patients experiencing, for example, severe knee pain or even stiffness, which prevents everyday tasks as well as activities like going upstairs and the general walking.

Also, it’s suitable when one is experiencing moderate but still continuous knee pain even when one is sleeping or resting.

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Knee replacement surgery will also be required when one is experiencing chronic knee inflammation as well as swelling that doesn’t improve even after resting or taking medications. Also, the surgery will be a necessity when there’s a knee deformity whereby there’s an arch that is noticeable on the outside or inside of the knee.

Given the importance of knees in human survival, keeping it at the best possible condition is a no brainer. Depression that results from the inability to carry put your social or daily activities can be among the reasons for considering a knee replacement surgery.…

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