The best equipment for cardio exercises


The most critical aspect of effective cardiovascular workout is to raise the heart rate. Although you may be able to achieve this on any cardio machine, there’s normally one which is good for you. The best equipment for cardio exercises depends on some few factors.

Whether or not you enjoy it

It’s crucial that you enjoy the workout. When you enjoy the machine, then its the best for you. You are not going to get any benefit when you do not utilize the best cardio equipment.

Does it exacerbate any physical problem?

When you perform similar motion several times, it may lead to muscle imbalances, which can give rise to static as well as posture problems. When you sit the whole day working in front of your desk, then the stationary bike may not be the best for you. And when you have severe bad knee problem, the stair master will probably do more harm than good.

Whether the cardio machine satisfies your goals

When you want to burn fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness, then all best cardio equipment may help you. When your goals are related to performance you should utilize cardio machines that most relate closely to your given activity. When you’re a marathon runner, for instance, most of your cardio exercises should be running. But this doesn’t imply that you should not use a stationary bike sometimes for the sake of balance and variety.

The following are some of the best machines for cardiovascular exercises:

The bikedoing cardio exercises

The bike’s pedaling motion includes big plus powerful leg muscles, and may burn between 500 and 1000 calories per hour. This makes it to be considered as one of the best calorie burners when used correctly.

The treadmill

Running on a treadmill is going to burn between 600 and 1200 calories per hour. Running up some incline on treadmill is the best means of boosting your metabolism for hours after finishing your workout.

Some people think that this type of exercise equipment is expensive but this is not always the case. In fact, you can even find the best rated treadmills for under $500 as long as you do a diligent research.

The elliptical

You will generally burn around 600 calories per hour when using ellipticals that do not include movement of the arm and between 700 and 900 on the ones that do.

The rowing machine

This equipment may burn above 1000 calories per hour. It’s ideal for lower and upper body muscular endurance plus cardiovascular workout.


using machine for cardio exercisesNo matter the kind of cardiovascular equipment you select, always ensure you switch things, and include new forms of cardio that are not familiar to your body.

Now you can go there and jump on a machine.

Good luck in your cardio workout!…

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