Cancer Screening Programs

Many states encourage women to go for cancer screening at different intervals. Breast cancer has been in the rise killing more and more women. Someone might be thinking and what is the relationship between cancer screening and breast cancer? Breast cancer screening is the only way to identify if your breasts are developing a tumor or not. Well, you can check it manually, but screening will give you perfect results. In many countries, breast cancer screening happens every year or after two years. However, there have been debates about the importance of cancer screening.

Some researchers support the screening while others are against the idea. Women at the age of forty and above should go for screening and those supporting it say that it reduces the chances of breast cancer by about 40%.
There have been other studies which argue that breast screening does not reduce occurrences of breast cancer instead increases the risks. In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of mammography screening. Read on.


  • Breast cancer screening gives women indications of cancer even before the major symptoms start to manifest. Learning about any negative developments allows the patient to take the necessary treatment measures early enough.
  • Screening helps in finding cancer at its early stages. As we all know, care is curable but only if treatment starts early. If you realize that you have cancer in its late stages, chances that you will lose the patient to it are high. The earlier you learn about it, the better.
  • With screening and early findings, the number of deaths from breast cancer reduces at a high rate. Well, this is the main aim behind it.
  • With the latest breast cancer screening technologies like mammogram markers, women are subjected to small doses of radiations.


  • The screening tests are not 100% accurate. There have been many cases where someone went for breast cancer screening only to realize that they are suffering from the monster a month later. It is a clear indicator that, the tests are not accurate.
  • Other times, the screening may give you a positive result when that is not the case. Such finding puts the patient in unnecessary fear.
  • Screening may result in overdiagnosis. When this happens, the patient takes medication which will be unnecessary as well.
  • Just like other forms of x-rays, mammograms expose women to radiations which are in the leading list of cancer causes.

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